Designed to heighten the senses, SwirlTO is an elevated beverage experience unlike any other. The ‘pay-one-price’ ticket means no tokens or coupons – guests enjoy an all-inclusive night of wine, spirits and beer tasting, together with distinctive food pairings at Toronto’s favourite venue Evergreen Brick Works located at 550 Bayview Ave.

2018 At A Glance

Now in its second year, SwirlTO will be held on Friday, June 1st, 2018. Guests will experience unforgettable wines, spirits and beer, paired with distinctive cuisine from Toronto’s most inspired purveyors. Meet winery, distillery and brewery principals on-site to educate and engage. It’s an all-inclusive evening for the novice, enthusiast or expert.

"Save water. Drink Wine" --Anonymous


VIP Admission


June 1st, 2018

Looking for the most premium tasting experience? Join us for the VIP hour. Arrive before everyone else and taste some of the world’s most iconic wines, spirits and beers. Tickets are limited to provide a truly intimate experience. VIP guests will taste ‘under the table’ exclusive wines, spirits and beers, together with food pairings not available during the rest of the show

General Admission


June 1st, 2018

The experience starts at 7PM as we host you for an elegant night of premium beverages and distinctive food pairings at one of Toronto’s most unique venues. It is the perfect chance to ‘try before you buy’, while mingling with experts and principals from wineries, distilleries and breweries from here at home and around the world.

Evergreen Brickworks (550 Bayview Ave)


An Enthusiast or Connoisseur’s Dream

Featuring Premium Products

Gourmet Pairings





Wine Tasting

Taste some of the most premium, iconic wines from the world’s finest winemakers.

Beer Tasting

We’ve hand-selected the most premium, artisanal beers available in Ontario.

Spirits Tasting

On the rocks, neat, or in a cocktail, these top-shelf sprits will engage and encourage the most discerning palates.


Distinctive food pairings from some of Toronto’s most inspired purveyors will be offered to compliment your beverage of choice.

One Price. No Tickets or Tokens.



How much is a ticket?

VIP Admission (6-10PM) is $95.

General Admission-320x480

How much is a ticket?

Early Bird tickets for General Admission (7-10PM) are $65. Post-promotion, prices increase to $75.

"I am not a glutton - I am an explorer of food." --Erma Bombeck


Where is the event taking place?

This year, Evergreen Brick Works will host the 2nd annual event! Located at 550 Bayview Ave, this former quarry and industrial site located in the heart of the Don River Valley will be sure to provide an unforgettable experience.

How much does the event cost?

Early Bird tickets for General Admission (7-10PM) are $65. Post-promotion, prices increase to $75.

VIP Tickets (6-10PM) are $95.

What is included with the ticket price?

Everything! The pay-one-price means you can taste wines, beers and sprits products from over 80 exhibitors, together with distinctive food pairings, without any additional charge. Hundreds of premium products available through LCBO, VINTAGES and LCBO’s Consignment Program will be offered – a great chance to try before you buy.

How do I sign up to be an exhibitor?

Exhibitor spots are selling out fast. To sign up, please create an account in our Exhibitor Portal or email us at info@swirlto.com

Can I buy tickets at the door?

Tickets will be available on site provided that the event has not been sold out.

Will food be provided?

Yes! Exclusive, distinctive food pairings will be offered by some of Toronto’s most inspired purveyors.

What time does it all start?

VIP Guests (limited tickets available) will have exclusive access at 6PM.  Doors will open for General Admission Guests at 7PM and the event will conclude at 10PM.

What products can I try at Swirl?

Designed to heighten the senses, SwirlTO will feature the most premium wines, beers and spirits, many available only through Ontario consignment agents. A full list of products will be available for viewing online.

Can I purchase product at the show?

Yes! All products will be available for ordering either on-site, through a consignment agent or at www.lcbo.com (have you tried their eCommerce option yet)?

What is the LCBO Consignment/Private Ordering Program?

The LCBO Consignment/Private Ordering program offers restaurants and consumers a wide selection of additional wines, spirits and beers not available in LCBO stores. These products can be ordered through an agent specializing in Consignment/Private Ordering, such as the ones participating SwirlTO. Visit http://www.drinksontario.com/member-directory/ for more information about Consignment/Private Ordering.

What are the terms and conditions?

Event attendees must be 19+ and must accept the Assumption of Risk Waiver found on our registration page when purchasing your ticket.